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the penguins they like to dance!

but only when wearing their pants

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I'm a 20 year old girl. I live on my own with my sister. I am currently in school to become a C.Y.W. (Child and Youth Worker) (actually am taking a year off to work and try to save but don't want to take it out as that would be admitting that I may be a bit before I go back)

i'm actually at a new job (my first one in an office building 9-5 type thing so you can just put work in instead of school below as it's pretty much the same in context)

I read a lot of Y.A. novels in every genre, though since I started collage I've had to cut back.

I watch a lot of different T.V. shows. no really spend way to much time watching tv. chances are very high i watch at least 2 of the same shows as you.
I love everything British. From the ascents to their t.v. shows, to their music, and comedians.

I love taking pictures, painting, and sketching, though like reading now that i'm in collage i have less time to work on my art.

I love most music. mainly folk rock, ex The Mumford and Sons are my favourite, I also like Cadillac Sky, the Frames, and lots of other types of music too.

I am severely dyslexic, so if bad spelling or grammar bugs you, read someone else's journal.

If you want to know more just ask!
1967 chevy impala, 30 rock, a quiet place, aaron sorkin, animals, arrested development, arthurian legends, asl, audio books, australia, battlestar galactica, bones, books, brian k vaughan, brit comedy, british accents, britishness, buffy the vampire slayer, camp, canadian films, cancelled fox shows, canoeing, castle, cherub, chuck, comic books, crazy people, dark angel, david tennant, dead like me, deviantart, disney, doctor who, dr horrible's singalong blog, dr. horrible's sing-along blog, drama, eight simple rules, england, facebook, family, film, firefly, food, forgetting sarah marshall, freaks and geeks, friday night lights, friends, games, glee, government, harvest moon, his dark materials, how i met your mother, john barrowman, joss whedon, juno, kate nash, kdramas, kingdom hearts, late nights, legend of the seeker, lemony snicket, leverage, lily allen, little britain, local theatre, logan/veronica, makeup, marvel comics, mash, mean girls, merlin, modern family, movies, music, nbc, ncis, never mind the buzzcocks, nirvana, nobody's watching, noel fielding, novels, our lady peace, painting, photography, pirates, pirates of the carribean, pride of baghdad, punkrock, pushing daisies, randomness, reading, reboot, repo! the genetic opera, romantic comedies, roswell, runaways, russell brand, sanctuary, saturday night live, sci-fi, science fiction, serenity, shakespeare, sign language, sitcom, skins, sleeping, sleeping in, sports night, stargate, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, studio 60, summer, superman, sushi, tea, the beatles, the big bang theory, the brothers grimm, the catherine tate show, the class, the frames, the it crowd, the lion king, the mighty boosh, the notebook, the o.c., the sarah connor chronicles, the zoo, tinkerbell, torchwood, traveling, trock, tv, useless knowledge, vampires, veronica mars, vintage, west wing, white collar, wicked, wonderfalls, x-men, y: the last man